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Find out if and how Kaayla can assist you?

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Distance (Remote) via phone worldwide or In person Freedom Session with Kaayla 

These individual sessions are like a tune up. Kaayla removes energies that may be affecting your ability to break through to the next level 40 – 50 min of a transformational upgrade helping to release conscious and sub conscious fear & not enoughs. It is like defragging your computer and updating the existing programs while deleting all the stuff that is out of date. So you can move forward with confidence ease and grace.

Exchange $ 227.00

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Accelerate Freedom Journey

This is the fast track to Freedom. Are you ready to really shift things & unravel lifetimes of beliefs and entanglements?

Exchange $ 682.00

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Off the Beaten Path

A journey of awakening to your multidimensional self. The purpose of this journey is to expand people’s consciousness to see beyond this dimension and integrate multiple levels of awareness so they can experience more freedom, ease and prosperity.

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Quantum Leap Retreats

Spend 5 days in a beautiful lodge nestled between the mountains of the Fraser Valley with the Chilliwack River flowing right outside the door. This is the perfect setting for tapping back into your own juicy deliciousness and helping you to remember the truth of who you are instead of who you were taught to be.

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