Would you like to….

Feel light and free?
Attract more money, success, and wellness?
Connect with your true essence?
Release the fear of Judgement?
Release limiting beliefs that keep you where you are?
Allow your life to show up differently?
Be Free From the Karmic Journey?

If you had answered YES to the above questions, then the “Rapid Freedom Series” will be perfect for you.

The great thing about these meditations is you can’t get it wrong. With these guided meditations there are no rules. You can follow along or you can simply sink into the amazing energy and flow with your own journey. You will receive all the activations by simply listening, the more you can allow yourself to relax and experience, the better the results.

While these meditations are underway, I am able to bridge the gap between your higher levels and you, to allow old energies that are no longer serving you to come up and leave; to be instantly transmuted to the light, as well as activating aspects within you so you can see your life showing up differently for you.

  1. Divine White Light Shower
  2. Loving Embrace of Mother Earth
  3. Dancing Outside of Density
  4. Expanding the Heart
  5. Following the Gifts or Presents
  6. Self Realization We are more alike than we are Different
  7. Releasing the Shame and the Not Good Enoughs
  8. Stop Shoulding Yourself

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