A journey of awakening to your multidimensional self. The purpose of this journey is to expand your consciousness to see beyond this dimension and integrate multiple levels of awareness so you can experience more freedom, ease and prosperity.

To add to your fun it is amazing to do with a friend in your area however you can participate on your own.

7 weeks of expansion with Kaayla Vedder.

When you answer YES to any of the following questions you are ready to take this journey with Kaayla.

Would you like to …

  • Experience total connectivity beyond yourself and the ordinary?
  • Deepen your experience with the full dimension of nature?
  • Tap into the elementals & magical beings from other realms?
  • Tune into your other senses and commune with the cosmos?
  • Flow with divine source in your everyday life?
  • Have a blast and so much more?

Location: You can join us from anywhere in the world and bring your beautiful piece of the world to the synergy of the group. Kaayla will be clearing out blocks of energy that have been brought in through lifetimes and imprinted on the soul level, to assist you in remembering your innate abilities, activating dormant DNA, as well as assisting with downloads of divine energy from your higher levels.

Time: Every Wednesday at 6:00p.m. PST join Kaayla by phone or computer as she taps into you and your higher levels to clear, activate and more. You will receive your login and dial in information with your receipt.  If you can’t make the time and date…no problem! You will have access to the recordings to listen to on your own schedule!

Playground: You will be invited to come and play on a private Facebook page where Kaayla will be sharing videos and examples of the activities to assist you in waking up your innate abilities. This is a private place for everyone to come together and share experiences, ask questions & receive even more activations!

Dates: The Adventure begins on April 5th, 2017. The last activation call is on May 17th, 2017. There will be a wrap up call on Wednesday May 24th, 2017, along with lots of sharing on the Facebook page in between activations.


CLASS #1: Awakening Activity… Learn how to be a wise observer and experience your connection beyond the ordinary.

CLASS #2: Discovering Your Roots… Remembering your connection to all that is by deepening your experience with the full dimension of nature.

CLASS #3: Nature’s Magic… Learn about Native traditions and tap into the elementals & magical beings from other realms & dimensions.

CLASS #4: Under The Cover Of Darkness… A hike at dusk where we will tune into our other senses and commune with the cosmos, bridging our inner and outer worlds.

CLASS #5: Trust & Following Your Inner Guidance… Learn to let nature be your guide and flow with divine source in your everyday life.

CLASS #6: Androgyny, Duality & Judgment…seeing all the beauty in our bodies, letting go of identifying by gender & seeing the judgments so we can do less and less of it.

CLASS #7: The Portal Experience… learn to find sacred places in your area, portals, vortexes, crystal seats and more…connecting beyond the 5 senses and receiving messages.