There is more going on then you can see with your eyes. Energy can get stuck in the walls, basements, rafters, ceilings, pipes etc. Spirits can get stuck in a loop of another dimension. Sage & sweetgrass smudging can assist however it doesn’t actually clear the house permanently this is a tool used to assist in clearing.

A house clearing with Kaayla will empty out all the emotional entanglements from others as well as release spirits and send them home into the Light where they belong. Your home or space will feel it has more light, openness and opportunity. Giving you a clean slate to create your own sacred space. People have described house clearings as if a veil has been lifted.

  • Is there fighting, yelling, or bickering in your family?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are being watched or think you see someone out of the corner of your eye?
  • Does your space feel cold, heavy, sad, or uncomfortable?
  • Are you seeking to create a peaceful space that can truly support your growth?
  • Is chaos, busyness, or constant mess and overwhelm normal in your home life?
  • Does your home have maintenance problems? (Pipes leaking, electrical problems, rodents, bugs, etc.)

Work directly with Kaayla and have her clear the energy of your space. This is a custom package that is different for each household. If your space needs professional help, please send Kaayla a message with the subject line HOUSE CLEARING she will be in touch with you shortly.

Provide her with some details:

  1. Do you own your home?
  2. Are you the first person to occupy this home?
  3. Do you have an apartment?
  4. Pricing is based on history of the home, age of the home and surrounding areas.

Interested in HOUSE CLEARING? Send Kaayla an email.


Hello Kaayla,

Thanks for the info and for the great session. My house has been way calmer and happier since you cleared it. Darren even admitted he has been feeling better the last few days which he rarely verbalizes. I feel so much lighter and care free now. I cannot thank you enough for all you did. You are one talented lady 🙂

Joanne Halligan