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“A Healer and Freedom Leader, committed to ending suffering, anxiety, stress, illness, and injury, She serves the world as a pathway to connect people to their higher-self. Through Kaayla, one releases energetic entanglements, entities and limiting beliefs to achieve true Freedom.” ~ The Universe

About Kaayla

Kaayla Vedder is a passionate champion of freedom as it resides today within the hearts and souls of her clients and she brings a wealth of capability to her work as a liberator of human potential. Her mastery of Reiki, Pranic Healing, the Yuen Method, Healing Touch, Emotional Healing Technique, Access Consciousness, Awakening and other forms of wisdom have given her protocols, insights, skills and gifts that she devotes to assisting her clients in designing the life of their dreams.

Kaayla has a particular genius in grounding the extra-dimensional aspects of her practice in the human experience, and she has successfully co-created a happy blended family while thriving in her career and marriage. Kaayla’s personal healing journey began when she healed herself from an acute digestive disease using her own “super powers” and she now pays her brilliance forward to help other people learn how to live more authentic lives of peace, confidence and freedom.

Successful in business, Kaayla leads spiritual retreats and group clearing sessions while facilitating private healing sessions globally. She is a speaker and also a co-author of the best-selling book, Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women.


I received a remote healing treatment from Kaayla. Days after the session, I was still being worked by the energy. Kaayla is gifted, a true channel and certainly worth seeking out.

In gratitude and appreciation.

Kerri Sieg, Hong Kong

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